All You Need To Know About Projection Mapping and Video Mapping

20 Feb

Projection mapping, also known as video mapping is the process of warping projected videos and images to match the dimensions of physical objects. It is where actual objects are used as projection surfaces and software used to rectify any distortions.

Projection mapping came as an important tool due to the projection challenges that people were facing. Any image projected onto an arbitrary object usually ends up not matching the object. And in cases where the object has angles, normally the image appears distorted and stretched. You can try and solve this by moving the camera physically to point directly at the surface you are projecting on and move it close to fill the surface. However, this is not the best solution, and it is not applicable if you need to project the image onto several surfaces concurrently.

This is where projection mapping at comes in. With a projection mapping software, you can use a computer to warp the image you want to project first. Then when you project it physically onto the particular object, it will not appear like it is distorted. To carry out projection mapping, you need a computer, projector, warping software and the object or environment that you want your image to match.

The computer should have a lot of memory and a good processor that will favor a good graphics card. This is because projection mapping is a graphically intense process. The computer should be able to feed the graphics card with a lot of data quickly.

When it comes to the projector, it should have enough brightness and focus. The projector is a very important part of projection mapping. This also raises a big challenge since projectors are very costly. When choosing a projector to be used for projection mapping, brightness is the major factor in the quality of output. A projector with a higher resolution will give higher quality images. If you want to learn more about projection mapping and video mapping, visit

Assuming you will have already acquired the computer first, the interface method is a factor to consider for the projector. The popular input types for projectors are HDMI, VGA, and DVI. As you shop for a projector, check that the graphics card of the computer will enable simple connection to the projector.

As for the projection mapping software, there are very few that are available free of charge. Mostly they will cost you a significant amount and luckily, they are very many programs to choose from, read more!

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